The Way It Goes!

Written By: Tahir Mehmood

A certain degree of unpredictability has always defined the future challenges and the responses. In present day fast changing socio-political, economic and technological craft, the arenas of war have also undergone huge changes. In today’s world, it would be simplistic to only focus across the frontiers to understand the threats. Once confronted with a hideous and cunning enemy, the internal and external dimensions of threat are likely to overlap, and so should be the response. Pakistan Armed Forces are fully cognizant of emerging realities, evolving threat scenarios and fully poised to meet the challenges in a befitting manner.

In kinetic domain, after phenomenal successes of operation Zarb-e-Azb, our enemy has resorted to perpetrate the violence against soft targets. Despite deniel of its safe havens in the FATA and Balochistan, and hard hit in its urban violence centres, the enemy has not laid off so far. It is continuing the attacks to damage Pakistan. The war still goes on! Now, the enemy has resorted to hitting the soft and high profile targets. However, fully aware of the evolving threats, Pakistan Armed Forces have also responded with Intelligence Based Operations (IBOs) and combing operations. These operations are intended to break the terrorists’ networks and, to neutralize the sleeper cells, facilitators, abettors and sympathizers across entire Pakistan.

In consonance with modern warfare, the enemy is using ‘simultaneity’ not only in kinetic realm but also in non-kinetic operations against Pakistan. All attacks are being made to hit our core values, identities, interests and psycho-social fabric. The doubts are being raised regarding our historic struggle to achieve a separate homeland. Our glorious achievements are undermined under the garb of critical scrutiny. The analytic dissent is used not as a medium to find consensus and reach to better solutions, but as a tool to express prejudices, hidden agendas and further add to the chaos. In same colours, the fifth columnists are operating in economic, political, cultural and policy domains. Ironically, most of these efforts converge at the single aim to destabilize and demoralize us all!

The pitfalls we must be aware of and address, but the traps must be avoided for collective security and peace.

But, again the enemy is mistaken on potentials of this resilient and proud nation. The tricks by the adversary to nurture cleavages and schism have failed badly. Today’s Pakistan has survived many crises and challenges. In the midst of these difficult times, our faith and resolve remained firm, and so is today. Among many other factors, Pakistan Armed Forces fully backed by the people, provide Pakistani nation such a capability that is second-to-none. Of course, our unity is a great asset.

Pakistan Armed Forces very confidently assure the nation that fully cognizant of the emerging and evolving challenges in both external and internal domains, no stone shall be left unturned to protect the core interests of Pakistan. Pakistan’s safety, security and peace shall be safeguarded at all costs. We will keep evolving new strategies and enhancing our capabilities to meet the new challenges.
We shall go the way as it goes!

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